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Just who was Dudley Wallis?

Dudley Wallis was a General Practice Doctor who moved to Weston Rhyn in 1977 having retired from Practice in Kirkby, Liverpool in 1975, living firstly on Anglesey and then settling into this area, which has long family associations dating back to his youth.

He joined Vale of Llangollen in 1977/78, having played golf all his life, including county golf for Denbighshire at a time when he lived and practiced in Colwyn Bay. A keen member of this club, he donated his “putter” as a prize trophy and left a legacy in his will to provide a small prize to the holders for at least a few years after his death. The putter was something of a family joke, always known as a “piece of furniture”, which at first could sink putts from all over any green – but which fell out of favour when it stopped working properly!

Dudley was in the RAMC during the war, was evacuated through Dunkirk and spent the final war years in India where he obtained the rank of Major (a title that he never used). His name remains on a day unit attached to Whiston Hospital in honour of his time as Chairman of St Helens and Knowsley Medical Committee and he spent considerable time serving on medical committees in Lancashire and London. Following moving locally, he was for a short time Chairman of the Leonard Cheshire Foundation Family Support Service in the Oswestry area.

He died aged 70 in 1983 after a battle with cancer but played and enjoyed his golf at the Vale of Llangollen up to a period shortly before his death. It is source of pride to his family that you kindly continue playing his competition.